SciBox: Optimized Hardware for Faster Data Analysis

SciBox is optimized to enable faster analysis while accommodating the biologists’ budget.

feature 18 core Xeon W processor

Perform multiple experiments at once

SciBox has a 6–8 core Xeon W processor with 12–16 threads — for processing several experiments at the same time.

feature 2NVME SSDs storage

Ultrafast Storage

SciBox uses ultrafast NVME SSDs storage. We optimized the pipelines and hardware to make them run as fast as possible.

feature 315 terabyte storage

Don't worry about losing the data

15 terabyte RAID-protected storage, enough for hundreds of experiments.

feature 364 GB RAM

Large memory for large genome analyses

64 GB RAM is enough to work with large mammalian genomes.

The key is using two types of storage: slow to store and fast to analyze.

We’ve learned that many biologists lack access to powerful computers or satellites with sufficient memory and processing capabilities to optimally run SciDAP.

In fact, lack of speed in the hard drive of the satellite is a common bottleneck in many analyses. For smooth data processing, it is preferable to have a dedicated computer for running SciDAP. That’s why we created SciBox.

Take biological data analysis to the next level with SciBOX