Scientific Data Analysis Platform

Working from home? Separated from your lab? Use SciDAP to analyze the data you already have! SciDAP is the next generation user-friendly scientific data analysis platform. SciDAP can easily be used by biologists without the help of bioinformaticians and also allows bioinformaticians to automate routine tasks.

Accessible Analysis

Industry standard NGS analysis pipelines are ready to use with a few clicks. Just add the data!

Comprehensive Solution

Receive actionable quality controls, obtain meaningful results and produce elegant visualizations.

Reproducible Results

Follow NIH requirements by making both data and analysis shareable and reproducible.

Our customers:
Biologist-friendly bioinformatics

Automated analysis for ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, ATAC-Seq, Cut&RUN or CUT&TAG, BS-Seq and other common types of experiments allows for processing of data without the help of bioinformaticians.

Interactive comparative analysis

Users can explore their data on a built-in genome browser, conduct differential expression or binding analysis, identify upregulated pathways and integrate various data types, all from the interactive web interface without the need for coding.

Publication-ready results

Users can download publication-quality charts and visualizations. All pipelines are open source and can be published together with the results. Open standards make the analysis auditable and reproducible.

Common Workflow Language

SciDAP is built upon powerful Common Workflow Language (CWL). CWL enhances the rigor of computational research by making the analysis in SciDAP reproducible and accommodates any type of analysis.

Analysis reproducibility

Fully containerized open-source CWL pipelines allow for analysis portability and can be executed on any CWL platform.

Fast prototyping

New pipelines can be seamlessly added to SciDAP GUI thanks to GitHub integration and automated generation of visualizations based on CWL extensions.