Easy-to-use, no-code bioinformatics software for NGS data analysis

Scientist-Friendly Bioinformatics


SciDAP is a bioinformatics platform that allows NGS data analysis without a bioinformatician or any knowledge of coding. Built with open-source, transparent pipelines developed by experts in the field, SciDAP produces publication-ready results in hours not months, moving research forward faster.

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feature 1Open-Source Pipelines
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feature 2Results in Hours Not Months
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Easy to use

In just a few minutes, even the most novice user can start analyzing
NGS data with SciDAP. Here’s how:
Step 1
Start with just the raw FASTQ files.
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Step 2
Experiment type
Select the type of experiment (e.g., RNA-Seq), genome, and link FASTQ files.
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Step 3
Start analysis with a few clicks, without writing a single line of code.
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Step 4
Easily explore data, adjust analysis parameters.
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Step 5
Share data with lab members.
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Step 6
Create publication-ready images.
That’s it. SciDAP is so easy to use and saves so much time, now scientists can produce publication-ready results in hours not months.
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