Linux Installation and Configuration

For Linux-family operating systems scidap-satellite is shipped in a form of relocatable scidap-satellite-ubuntu-vX.Y.Z.tar.gz archive.


  • Extract downloaded scidap-satellite-ubuntu-vX.Y.Z.tar.gz into an empty folder. Here we use satellite folder.

    mkdir satellite
    # Note, the initial location of scidap-satellite-ubuntu-v2.0.2.tar.gz might be different
    mv scidap-satellite-ubuntu-v2.0.2.tar.gz satellite                  
    cd satellite
    tar xzf scidap-satellite-ubuntu-v2.0.2.tar.gz

    Configuration and Running

  • Create scidap_settings.json configuration file in the ~/.config/scidap-satellite folder

    mkdir -p ~/.config/scidap-satellite
    cp ./configs/scidap_default_settings.json ~/.config/scidap-satellite/scidap_settings.json
  • In the created scidap_settings.json configuration file set a correct value for satelliteSettings.rcServerToken field. To obtain a token click on the Get Token button on your Profile -> Satellites page in SciDAP.

  • If necessary refer to default configuration parameters section to update other parameters.

  • Start scidap-satellite with PM2

    pm2 start ./configs/ecosystem.config.js

    An alternative location of scidap_settings.json configuration file can be set with SCIDAP_SETTINGS environment variable.

Default configuration parameters

  • defaultLocations.airflow and defaultLocations.pgdata define the locations for airflow configuration and PostreSQL database files correspondingly. If they are set as relative paths, they by default will be resolved based on the satelliteSettings.systemRoot.
  • satelliteSettings section is mainly used by NJS-Client. systemRoot defines the location where all analyses data will be saved. If it's set as a relative path, it will be resolved based on the user's home directory.
  • all parameters from airflowSettings section will be applied to airflow scheduler and cwl-airflow api. It may include any valid parameter from airflow.cfg in a form of "section__parameter": "value".
  • all parameters from aria2cSettings section will be applied to aria2c. It may include any valid for Aria2c argument in a form of "--flag": "value".
  • databaseSettings section defines parameters for the running PostgreSQL database, that is always bound to so it's safe keep default values unless additional security measures needed.
  • devel section defines parameters used during developing and should not be changed.
    "defaultLocations": {
        "airflow": "airflow",
        "pgdata": "pgdata"
    "satelliteSettings": {
        "rcServerToken": "",
        "rcServer": "",
        "port": 3069,
        "airflowAPIPort": 8080,
        "systemRoot": "./scidap",
        "aria2cPort": 6800,
        "pm2Port": 9615,
        "enableSSL": true,
        "localFiles": true,
        "proxy": "",
        "noProxy": "",
        "remotes": {
            "directurl": {
                "protocol": [
                "caption": "ftp"
            "geo": {
                "protocol": "geo",
                "caption": "geo"
    "airflowSettings": {
        "core__executor": "LocalExecutor",
        "core__parallelism": 1,
        "core__dag_concurrency": 1,
        "core__max_active_runs_per_dag": 1,
        "core__hostname_callable": "socket.gethostname"
    "aria2cSettings": {
        "--console-log-level": "debug",
        "--remove-control-file": true,
        "--allow-overwrite": true,
        "--auto-file-renaming": false
        "db_port": 5432,
        "db_user": "airflow",
        "db_password": "airflow",
        "db_name": "airflow"
        "simulation": false,
        "mac_update_from_devel": false